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Delighted to contribute a chapter on Hunter S. Thompson to this forthcoming two-volume set which will be published in October 2019.

From the publisher:

This two-volume set surveys the profound impact that political humor and satire have had on American culture and politics over the years, paying special attention to the explosion of political humor in today’s wide-ranging and turbulent media environment.

Historically, there has been a tendency to regard political satire and humor as a sideshow to the wider world of American politics—entertaining and sometimes insightful, but ultimately only of modest interest to students and others surveying the trajectory of American politics and culture. 

This set documents just how mistaken that assumption is. By examining political humor and satire throughout US history, these volumes not only illustrate how expressions of political satire and humor reflect changes in American attitudes about presidents, parties, and issues but also how satirists, comedians, cartoonists, and filmmakers have helped to shape popular attitudes about landmark historical events, major American institutions and movements, and the nation’s political leaders and cultural giants. Finally, this work examines how today’s brand of political humor may be more influential than ever before in shaping American attitudes about the nation in which we live.


  • Documents the history of political humor in the United States in all of its many forms, with the bulk of coverage weighted toward contemporary political satire and satirists
  • Covers writers, cartoonists, radio personalities, television and movie performers, and internet celebrities
  • Profiles influential television programs, movies, and other forms of entertainment that have made their mark on American politics and culture
  • Includes a chronology of events


Many thanks to Jody Baumgartner for affording me this opportunity.



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